What are Premises Liability?

A slip and fall is something that should not be taken lightly as it may cause long-term or permanent damage depending on the degree of the fall. Slip and fall is a term used in the practice of law commonly used for personal injury cases where an individual slips and falls on someone else’s property.

Slip and fall incidents can result in several types of physical injuries that may include fractures, head injury, cuts and abrasions, spinal cord injuries, or broken bones to mention a few. As a victim, you do not only hold property owners responsible for paying your medical bills, you may also claim compensation for the wages that were lost because you were not able to go to work while you recuperate.

How do you win a slip and fall injury lawsuit?

Winning a slip and fall injury case is not as easy as most people think. A lot of people think that simply because your accident happened on somebody’s property, it is automatically the owner’s fault. Winning this type of case entails proving that the owner of the property or the tenant was negligent. It means that the owner was negligent due to an action or one that he did not act upon and as a result caused you to fall.

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Duration of a Slip and Fall Case

The length of time that your case is resolved may vary depending on how quickly your attorney files the case, the complexity of it and the judge who gets drawn to hear it. Under normal circumstances, the case may run for 2 to 5 days. Usually, you may get a final resolution on the third day.

Slip & Fall Lawyers

A slip and fall case falls under a bigger category known as premises liability. Premises liability law holds property and landowners responsible for the injury of a person that occurred while in the premises of the said property.

The main concern being debated upon in a premises liability case is the validity of the liability. No one will contest the victim’s injury in any case, but the defense will always question whether the owner indeed has a liability. If you get injured on another person’s property, does it automatically mean that the owner is liable? Lawyers representing both parties involved in the case will argue on this merit.

Under the Pennsylvania premises liability law, owners of a private property are considered responsible for the safety and well-being of any person who visits. It means that owners and property managers of public areas such as restaurants, malls, and grocery stores should be able to remove all potential hazards that may harm a person.

What to Look for in a Premises Liability Lawyer

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Look for someone who has a vast experience when it comes to handling slip and fall cases and premises liability cases. A good track record can give you the confidence that your case will be handled properly.

Find someone who is very skilled in building a strong argument in court. You may ask a reliable friend or relative for someone they can recommend.

Your lawyer should be someone committed to giving you the proper legal service.

Your slip and fall case need not be complicated. Find a good attorney to represent you.

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